Hello, I’m Yoki.

I have over 24 years teaching experience in teaching classical music in piano, keyboard and music theory since 1998, starting in Hong Kong, and now in the UK since 2008.

I’m also experienced accompanied with the violin, cello, flute, clarinet, saxophone as well as singing.

Foundation is very important for everyone to learning to play piano, which was the inspiration when making this this book. Starting at the beginning using right hand only for playing Mary had a little lamb through to two hands for London Bridge, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, as well as many Christmas and birthdays songs while using fun styles to teach children with theory, rhythm, techniques as well as reading notes and scales.

With many of my students getting Merit and Distinction results in ABRSM exams and LCM. Some of my students have also placed in the top 3 in “Hong Kong Music Festival” competition.

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First Piano Book with Yoki


About the First Piano Book with Yoki book here.



Yoki has been a great teacher and she is loving, kind and thoughtful.
I wish she could stay with me forever. She is amazing at piano.

Aisha T
8 years old
Classical, Pop and ABRSM

I really enjoy doing piano lessons. Yoki makes it fun and easy.
Developing through the three years of piano lessons , I have made a great achievement: going through Grade 1.

Yoki is patient and kind and, if you don’t understand something, she talks and helps you through it.
Overall, I think learning piano was the best choice I have made.

Nitya T
10 years old
Classical, Pop and ABRSM

Yoki started teaching me how to play the piano, I struggled with my fingerings ,but after sometime, I got used to it. She is a brilliant teacher and she helps me with Grade 2 now.

Adharsh V
10 years old
Classical and ABRSM

Yoki makes learning piano very enjoyable when you first start learning she has tons of fun games to help you learn . She is a very funny and amazing person which makes a good teacher. If you are lucky ( which you usually are ) she will offer you a sweet treat.

Abigail W
10 years old
Classical and ABRSM

When I first started to learn piano, Yoki made it very easy and enjoyable for me( this was by setting fun games and activities that would help me learn the basics of music). As I gradually progressed through my journey of learning piano, I have found it helps me a lot with my other interests such as singing. Learning the piano has also opened a wide range of opportunities for me: for example, performance in concerts ,completing grades in piano exams are also great achievements and will definitely benefit towards my future. Overall, piano lessons are very fun and Yoki has helped me a lot with playing the piano and understanding more about the musical world!

Aisha F
12 years old
Classical, Pop and ABRSM

What I like about these piano lessons is the freedom that you have with your music choice and advice.

Yoki has helped understand playing the piano more in every lesson, I learn so much more. The lessons are really enjoyable and are the highlight of my week.
I started from zero and Yoki has helped me learn and understand music so much more

Alex Z
12 years old

I really enjoy my lessons. You get to play songs you like.

Amber S
13 years old
Classical and Pop

Yoki make learning piano fun and the lessons are tailored to meet how the person learns best and in small sections, when preparing for exams Yoki chooses songs that she knows I will do well in and thinks what’s the best way for me to develop in piano and how to improve my playing, she also allows me to choose my own songs that I know when not doing exam work so it personal to the person.

Jia Lin
14 years old
Classical, Pop and ABRSM

Lessons are very complimentary to when you are available. Very understanding and caring teacher. Teaches every music style and makes here enjoyable to play .
Even when I was a child it was a very comfortable environment. Easy to learn how to play through the fun games and played when I was a child.

Played a range is music like , pop, classical ets…and Yoki has made it very easy to learn through practice and her amazing teaching .

Ashleigh H
15 years old

Yoki is very good at teaching piano and has helped me develop my skills a lot in preparation for music GCSE . She is a great teacher and very helpful.

Charlie W
15 years old
Classical and Pop



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